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Often times many companies have had opportunities lost because they were not prepared for change in one way or another. Much like your Financial Adviser will advise on what mutual fund you should dump your money into, a Technology Adviser should have outside of the box thinking that will drive your business forward by simplifying and evolving your technology assets.




Business Helpdesk Service

Helpdesk is a crucial part of any business. However most large businesses (100 or more employees) Have dedicated staff to managing the every day ins-and-outs of your business computer needs..

Technology Advisory Services


Phone Systems

With the evolution of the internet and high speed connections made every day, its no wonder why traditional phone companies are focusing on the “data” side of connectivity, take…



You have lots on your plate to figure out how to run your business, not to mention ways to streamline the processes and buisness rules involved. Technology is difficult enough.

InHouseGeek has made a huge impact on my business through application of technology. They have orchestrated more affordable backup, phone and internet, lowering my overall re-occuring expenses, and in the process improved our overall efficiency.

Philip Board

CEO at 1on1financial. SCE, ESRI, 401(k) Specialist-Educator-Retirement Expert Guiding Employees to Wealth Accumulation, 1on1Financial

Kevin is incredibly detailed and knowledgeable relating to the latest industry applications and trends in the technology field. I have worked with Kevin on several projects and he has always succeeded with above average results. Kevin is your go to guy if you want to grow and manage your business in the most efficient manner.

Linda Bush

Principal, CB Marketing Group

We are a 24×7 Call Center used by the CHP and alike, knowing this he has helped our company with migration of physical to virtual infrastructure with minimal downtime and now hardware redundant, A new simplified firewall installation after another install went sour, active directory cleanup and optimization, system monitoring (datacenter temp, and infrastructure/application speed), Our SQL server hadnt been touched in many years, he was able to optimize and speed up the databases, which was something I never thought could happen. He has been a great asset to us, I learn new things every time I talk with him.

Andrew Holybee

IT Manager, Professional Communication Network - Riverside

Kevin was phenomenally responsive to changes in our business model over the three years we worked together.

A very smart and driven consultant. Highly recommended.

I recommend Kevin highly, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines.

Dee Dee Jackson

Office Manager, IBI Group

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